Important Questions and Helpful Tips for Selecting and Applying Fungicide

The spring season is a usually frustrating time for farmers and agriculturists.

During this time of the year, erratic temperatures are usually witnessed. This unfavorable temperature condition wreaked havoc on plants, thus, affecting their growth and development. The worst part is that they also aid the development of pest.

Another thing notable during the spring season is an increased amount of rainfall, thus, an increase in the amount of spruce and pine diseases. However, this record high precipitation makes applying foliar fungicides quite difficult.

Choosing and rotating your fungicide of choice can be quite challenging. Nels Johnson Tree Experts, your professional tree and plant health care company, brings you a couple of questions and tips to keep in mind while choosing and applying Fungicide during the spring season.

Helpful Tips for the Application of Fungicide:

Start Applying Foliar Sprays Early

Start applying foliar sprays for anthracnose on plants and trees such maple, ash, and oaks at a very early stage, precisely at a quarter leaf development. When applying treatment for anthracnose, lay more emphasis on the lower two-thirds section of the canopy. This will go a long way in reducing symptoms later during the growing season.

Cover New Growth with Spray

As we enter the growing season, the new growth of conifers will soon become rampant. This infers that the time to spray for botryosphaeria, rhizosphaera, and various other needle diseases will become necessary. For this reason, it is important to pay special attention while applying the spray. Ensure that all new growth getting are completely covered with the fungicide or spray.

Watch out For Lecanium Scale

Another disease that characterizes the spring season is lecanium scale. During the next couple of weeks, begin to watch out for this disease. Fortunately, lecanium scale can be managed by applying Transtect. As a result of the water-soluble nature of Transtect, it is very effective when used as a systemic treatment on scale insects. Transtect penetrates the plant quickly and distributes efficiently, thus, providing the most efficient way to treat scale insects systemically.

 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Fungicides:

  • Will my work be able to support creating a single spray tank or route by making use of a single material or will do I have to mix different kinds of materials throughout the day?

  • Are there buildings, lawns, patios, or other hardscapes which require exceptional care while spraying materials made with copper?

  • What is the intensity of the pest infestation or disease on the tree, neighbors, and generally all over the region?

  • Will tank mixing a miticide be necessary?

There you have it! The above are some of the questions and helpful tips that need to be considered when selecting and applying a fungicide. Regardless of the type of plant, these questions and tips will guide you in choosing and applying fungicides perfectly.

For more information or professional helpful tips for choosing and applying fungicides for your plants, get in touch with us today at Nels Johnson Tree Experts. Our dedicated team of experts will be available to respond to you and provide a suitable response to your questions and concerns.